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mobile (Miljenko):  00385 / (0)91 266 0300 mobile (Saša): 00385 / (0)91 589 2915 phone: 00385 / (0)22 43 55 46 fax:   00385 / (0)22 43 55 47 Street:   Branimirova 19 City:   Betina 22 244 Country: Republic of Croatia

Scuba diving in Kornati archipelago and Murter sea

Kornati nautilus diving center invites you to visit the island of Murter situated in  the middle of the Adriatic sea, opposite to National park Kornati, distant about  30 km from Sibenik. The diving center is located in Betina, on the coast,  between marina Hramina in Murter and marina in Betina (just across it) so we  are accessible by car and by boat. The diving center is open for diving all year  long. You can rest assured that you will be guided to the best dive sites, as the  owner of this diving center is a diver with four decades of scuba and apnea  diving experience and a couple of thousands logged dives in Murter Sea and  National park Kornati.   We only visit dive sites reachable by boat, so the boat dives are organized in  the wide area of Murter Sea to islands of Zirje, Kornati, Kaprije and Zut, always  to locations accessible only by boat. Diving center organizes boat dives to the best dive sites we discovered, taking  into account weather reports, interests and wishes of divers, difference in  experience of scuba divers reported for next dive trips (how many logged dives  a diver has, where did he dive mostly (sea, lakes or swimming pools), when  was the last time he dived and who with, does he need a dive guide).   We always tend to visit different, interesting dive sites such as wrecks, underwater cliffs, places rich with fish,  octopuses, gorgonians, lobsters, sponges etc. To more experienced scuba divers we offer night dives, wreck diving  on Francesca di Rimini, as well as on some other dive sites in National park Kornati they might not have visit when  diving with other diving center.   Dive trips in National Park Kornati are scheduled in dependence of the size of  a dive group. We encourage everyone to go and visit Kornati at least once  while staying in Murter and to take with them (underwater) cameras and dive  lights. Underwater photography in National park Kornati is something else  because there you will find the best dive sites where you can get crispy clean  underwater photos without swimming particles deteriorating their quality and  get shots of some sea animals you might not easily find when diving on other,  more frequently visited dive sites.   We set off for scuba diving at 9 am and return can be expected (in case of two  boat dives) between 3 and 5 pm. Best time to make arrangements and to book  a seat for next dive trips is in the afternoon, upon return from diving, but it is  possible to arrive in the morning until 8:30 pm and see if there is a seat  available.   Beside the boat dives, lesser experienced scuba divers or those who never  dived before can do a trial dive in front of our diving center as we are situated  right on shore.   We also rent diving equipment to scuba divers; we fill the tanks with air or  nitrox, and are licensed to sell daily permits for scuba diving in the National  Park Kornati. Aside of organizing scuba diving, we offer accommodation in two bedroom  apartments and nicely furnished rooms in a small hotel in center of Murter,  equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV and their own bathroom.   We invite you to visit and to dive with us. In fact, a large portion of our guests return next season and want to go for  boat dives with this center again.   To scuba divers with multiple dives at our center, groups and individuals that bring us a group of scuba divers, we  offer special, lower prices.   Enjoy your vacations on the beautiful island of Murter.  
lurking for fish sheding some light under stone reef on Kornati underwater jellyfish photographing
Scuba diving in Croatia in Kornati and Murter